Apply for a Loan

With Pima Federal Credit Union, it is quick and easy to apply for a loan. Just use our online form to get started.

Auto Loans

Purchase your dream car, lower your rate by refinancing your current auto loan or use the equity in your auto to consolidate other bills with a Pima Federal auto loan. 

Personal Loans

We know that real life serves up real surprises and we offer loans for all those occasions – each one with easy access and flexible terms. Whether it’s a much needed family vacation, a necessary debt consolidation, furnishing a bedroom or funding supplies for school, we can give you access to the money you need. 

Personal Line of Credit

Starting with as little as $250 – this product can also be used as overdraft protection for your Checking Account.

Share Secured Loans

This product can be used to make purchases or establish and rebuild your credit history. This loan uses funds in your savings or term share certificate to secure a loan – with a low rate. Your Shared Secured Loan won’t deplete your savings so you’ll continue to earn dividends.

VISA® Platinum and VISA® Signature Credit Cards

It’s no secret we like to keep things simple. We offer two credit card options: 1) A low-rate Carbon Fiber designed Platinum Card and 2) our Black Mosaic designed Signature Card that comes with Rewards.  You really can’t go wrong with either option.  But if you’re lucky enough to be approved for a Signature Card, you’re entitled to feel good about yourself.

Mortgage Loans

Purchase your dream home or refinance your existing home with either a fixed-rate or conventional loan. We offer low closing costs, cash-out refinances and optional payment protection plans to cover your payment in difficult times. 

Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Loans are a great source for extra cash for home improvements, college tuition, weddings and more. You can even consolidate debts into one monthly payment.

Jumbo Loans

So you’re looking for a big house?  We can do that too.  Our Jumbo Loan product is the perfect option for this. Check our loan rates page for the most up-to-date rates on our home loans.

Our Take on Lending

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